Rubber, Watersports and sleazy sex. It’s pretty safe to say that this was a self indulgent apex of a scene and a chance to enjoy my own personal fetishes, all for my own studio of course! This was a big change in direction for UKHotJocks, to do something so very different for our brand which is normally more vanilla with the sex acts we portray… though all our sex scenes are hard, horny and well executed!

HARDGEAR is a completely different look at setting, styling, production and all the sleazy stuff including two watersports scenes, two rubber gear scenes and our big double penetration finale still to be released!

Wet-Hot-Rubber_05 Wet-Hot-Rubber_07 Wet-Hot-Rubber_09

JP sits and waits in black boots, black & yellow striped rubber chaps & jock and matching rubber harness wrapped around his bulging chest. A pint of yellow liquid sits near, JP picks up the glass and gulps down the lot in one go, only spilling a little to glaze his pec’s. Angel joins the scene in a black rubber harness, shorts, socks and boxing boots. They kiss and caress the slick gear, groping all the sexy bits! JP unzips Angel’s shorts and takes his cock out to suck it, getting himself hard in seconds and pulling his big dick through the side of his rubber jock and showing off a yellow ball stretcher. Lying back JP gets ready to receive some juice straight from the tap. Angel soaks him spurring him on to piss as well, two warm yellow streams crossing each other and covering JPs muscular body. Lying back, head over the edge of the tyres JP asks Angel to fuck his face, which he does with gusto! JP pisses over himself again as his throat takes some horny punishment.
Bending over displaying this perfect bubble butt through his chaps, he’s ready to be fucked, not before Angel gives his ass a good soaking first! Fucking him hard he groans and moans, angel gets right over the top of him, gripping his harness and thrusting deep. Flip-flop time, JP stands over Angel and soaks his front before he flips over displaying his perfect arse, which gets soaked too of course! Pulling him to the edge it’s time to take some cock, angel loves big dick and JP doesn’t disappoint. For the incredibly horny, cummy, pissy ending you’ll just have to watch the scene wink both boys are left dripping!




Wet-Hot-Rubber_11 Wet-Hot-Rubber_13

I absolutely loved our big black set, two giant tractor tyres and the lighting and style of this movie. We really pushed the big rubbery boat out for this one! It won’t be the last of this style, we can assure you.

I hope you like the pictures, check out the site for the rest of the movie and our eagerly anticipated big DP finale! 

Wet-Hot-Rubber_15 Wet-Hot-Rubber_17 Wet-Hot-Rubber_19 Wet-Hot-Rubber_21 Wet-Hot-Rubber_23 Wet-Hot-Rubber_25 Wet-Hot-Rubber_27 Wet-Hot-Rubber_29

hard-gif2 HG-WetHotRubber


If you think the pictures are hot, why not check out the sexy, sleazy trailer by clicking through any of the images or text in this post or visit ->




JP xx