The big bad-ass Boss.II finale!

This scene was going to be a hot and memorable one. We cast our latest HotJocks exclusive and super hottie for this, the sexy and mysterious Yoshi Kawasaki. This was his first EVER duo scene and he performed like a complete pro! Seriously, I was so impressed with him, he’s an absolute sexual daemon! Passionate, intense and wall shakingly loud.. I see a bright future for him in the world of gay porn. Actually we’ve just shot another scene with him for UKHJ for a future movie. You heard it here first! :)

This scene sees the two bosses of rival Maffia gangs finally come head to head. We catch a glimpse of Yoshi earlier in the movie, overseeing Adam and Josh’s dodgy deal from a distance. He’s been observing most of JP and his cronies goings on and decides it’s time to join forces… by taking JP against his will to a secret location and forging a deal. Reluctant at first, he decides he needs some convincing. 

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JP has called his regular driver to collect him and take him to his office. Taking him through the busy city he only just notices that he’s missed the turn for his street. Alerting the driver to his error he is treated with nothing but silence.
“Where the hell are you taking me??”
Still nothing. They pull up outside a different office building and the silence is broken, “In there, he’s expecting you”
JP makes his way in to a smart looking penthouse, he’s left to wait, not knowing whom to expect. Yoshi Kawasaki, the boss of his rival mafia organisation appears on the mezzanine floor and descends the spiral staircase. “So glad you could make it” he says sarcastically.  JP is not amused and isn’t in the mood to talk. It’s been many years since they’ve come face to face, Yoshi says tells him he looks well, a subtle come-on. He then goes into the reason for him being taken here against his will, he wants them to join forces and stop with all the rivalry. JP considers it but dismisses the idea as it would never work. Yoshi tells him to think it over, think of the shared power they could have. “I need some convincing” 
Squaring up slowly, they move in for a kiss. It’s one hell of a way to make better relations between gangs! Stripping off the ties and jackets snake over the floor before Yoshi shows JP how much he wants this union. Sucking on his fat cock he gazes up at him to show his pleasure, though JP isn’t going to make this easy, there’s been a lot of bad blood between these two, so he launches into face fucking his rival. Moving over to the windows Yoshi bends over for the inevitable. JP courteously licks out his hole, only to make his big dick slide in easier. Yoshi makes some incredible groans as he takes inch after inch of JP’s dick again and again. I think these two can come to a sticky deal.


We had a blast shooting this whole movie, it really gave us a change to be creative, use yet more cool locations and push what’s happening in UK porn at the moment. For the scene or more info about Yoshi, click through anything on this post

Boss.II | Cum To Blows


Hope you like the shots!




JP xx