This is absolute madness but I had completely forgotten to do a post about my TWO amazing scenes for HotHouse Entertainment’s HARD TIME. We shot these scenes last year and they were released shortly after, I’d completely forgotten to blog about them. So here it is!!

Not only have I been a huge fan of all things HotHouse for as long as I’ve been watching porn let alone staring in it but these guys are my complete studio idols! The themes, the men and the production values are all something I aspire to and am in awe of. When I visited San Fransisco a year prior to this blog post ( I know, sorry!) we shot these two amazing scenes for director Christian Owen. I was fortunate enough to get to shoot with my long time lover Sam Barclay in one of the scenes as two prison inmates, frustrated and horny though the prison bars! Sam tops me, literally though the bars. Pics Below!

hh089_scene1_003 hh089_scene1_004 hh089_scene1_005 hh089_scene1_006 hh089_scene1_007 hh089_scene1_008 hh089_scene1_009 hh089_scene1_010 hh089_scene1_013 hh089_scene1_014 hh089_scene1_015

My second scene in this brilliant movie was with hot Daddy man Adam Herst. I’d never met Adam before but we’d been chatting on twitter for some years and I’ve always been a fan of this rugged stud. We had some bloody explosive chemistry on set and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It certainly made for a crazy hot scene, Including the movie cover image. Violated and I loved it!

hh089_scene4_002 hh089_scene4_005 hh089_scene4_006 hh089_scene4_008 hh089_scene4_009 hh089_scene4_010 hh089_scene4_011 hh089_scene4_012 hh089_scene4_014 hh089_scene4_015

I love these guys as they make such an effort with the photography, my solo photos are absolutely beyond! Love them to bits. Can’t wait to go back over and do more :)

hh089_jp_dubois_002 copy hh089_jp_dubois_003 hh089_jp_dubois_005 copy hh089_jp_dubois_004 hh089_jp_dubois_006E hh089_jp_dubois_008 hh089_jp_dubois_007

 Hope you like the solo pics.

I’ll be sure to try and update you with my scenes AS they happen rather than a year later! 





JP xx