Holy hot scene batman!

The third instalment of Boss.II and second one of myself :) (Well I am the main character!)

Lil’ muscle cutie Bruno Bernal is being briefed on a job, he’s given a a gun and some cash and told to return when the job is done. Though Bruno knows what JP is like with his employees and he hasn’t had the chance to ‘get to know him’ yet… so he flat out asks for it!

This was some of our first attempts at real set building, I think it looks great! Heaps of effort went into building it all, and all just for one scene. I think we may have to use other pieces here in another movie somewhere to justify the crazy expense. Either way the set, ourselves and this production looked amazing, check it out for yourself 😉 

We had some great on set chemistry which really shows in the film, Bruno is a wicked performer too so we both got into it, got nasty and made some porn gold. It seems to be going down a storm!!

Check out the pics from the scene 

De-Briefing_01 De-Briefing_03 De-Briefing_05 De-Briefing_07 De-Briefing_09 De-Briefing_11 De-Briefing_13 De-Briefing_15 De-Briefing_17 De-Briefing_19 De-Briefing_21 De-Briefing_23 De-Briefing_25 De-Briefing_27 De-Briefing_29


“Bruno has been called into JP’s grand looking office to discus a special assignment. It’s a hit and it’s big money, he hands him a gun and 10 grand, telling him ‘he’ll get the other half when the job is done’.  It seems to be a deal, Bruno is on it.
Though Bruno has other concerns, not about the job in hand. He’s heard rumours that some of the other guys have had their ‘private initiation’ with JP when they join his organisation… and he feels as though he’s missed out.
He’s flat out asking him for sex and JP doesn’t object in the slightest. They stand up and meet in a hot kiss over the old desk, the sunset streaming in through the window as they do so. Stripping and exploring each other for the first time, Bruno is a hot little package, dark skin, lightly hairy in all the right places and sexy tattoos to match. The hot contrast of JP’s milky alabaster skin, Bruno’s hot tanned hide and the richness of their surroundings, complete with sunset and fierce chemistry is enough to set all that antique mahogany on fire! The suits come of and the cocks come out, Bruno taking JP’s dick in is mouth first. He sucks it for all he’s worth; he’s been waiting a long time for this moment, Bruno’s wet tongue rolling around JP’s bulging cock head. JP wants to taste his old comrade, getting him up on top of the desk for some returned cock sucking and then bending him over to eat out his smooth dark hole. Climbing onto the desk JP fills Bruno’s hot arse to the max with his huge pink cock, slamming his hole and getting right over him to pound him through the furniture into the floor! Letting Bruno do some of the work he takes a seat in his fancy office chair and gets him to reverse cowboy on his cock, giving his muscular thighs a hard work out as well as his now-stretched fuck hole.  Flipping him back onto the big desk this office is practically a fucking jungle gym! Slamming into him missionary style so he can watch him come and cover him in his own. Welcome to the club!”

Hope you like the shots, check out the full scene by clicking on anything in this post :)




JP xx