Hi guys and gals!

You’ll be please to know that I’m the star in a NEW movie from UKHotJocks. I starred in 3 of 4 scenes and directed and produced the whole movie for the most part. It was our first ever sequel as a studio, it presented lots of challenges as Sam and I are usually co-production so starring and directing is always a hard graft! Sam did a great shots with the photography and the movie itself, being a one man production machine. That said I was still running around, helping movie lighting and set up sots whilst naked and hard, ha!

This is the second scene in the movie and stars myself as The Boss and HotJocks Exclusive man Wade Steel. The scene has a very dramatic introduction, so much so that we had to cut some of the gore and realism out of the final edit due to regulations, boo-hoo! 

The short of it is, I want Wade to come and work for me so I have to test his loyalty, of course 😉 

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” In a city apartment a money laundering operation is nearing completion. Piles of cash litter the coffee table as two thugs count and check it. A third man, Wade Steel is in the kitchen making cups of tea, unaware of what is about to happen. The front door bursts open and Wade hears 4 loud shots and freezes in terror, the low roar of the kettle the only sound in the wake of the gun shots. After the deed is done JP walks in behind his two men to assess the situation and grabs himself a tidy profit. Curiosity gets the better of Wade and he heads to the living room to investigate. JP intervenes, stopping his men milliseconds before he’s the third body in the room. He likes the look of this guy and thinks he could be useful but first a test. He orders his men to leave them and takes Wade into a nearby room, leaving the scene of devastation behind them. Grabbing him by the tie he gets to work by pulling him in for a kiss, Wade resists at first but soon gives in, completely forgetting about his comrades in the next room. Literally tearing JP’s shirt open to reveal his hard and lean muscular body, chewing on his pierced nipples, JP takes the blue collared shirt of this handsome thug, and is very impressed by his bulging muscular frame. The Boss’s torn expensive shirt litters the bedroom floor as Wade gets on his knees to show his worth, sucking his fat cock and taking it as far down his throat as he can. JP tests out his new toy by reciprocating, Wade has an equally massive and thick cock, both guys 8”+ and JP deep throats him with gusto. Moving on to the bed Wade eats his new employer’s ass out, biting his cheeks and slobbering all over his hole getting him ready to be fucked. Bang bang bang all over the bed, choke fucked, arse slammed, spit and rough riding. JP tests his new man out well, or was it the other way around? “


I hope you like the shots from this scene, be sure to check the hot trailer out and maybe subscribe to UKHotJocks. We’re producing some killer content here in the UK, Unlike anything that’s ever been done on this side of pornland. Definitely worth a look! ➜ http://bit.ly/TheInitiation




JP xx