I can’t tell a lie, I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with sexy Irish stud Diesel O’Green for some time now. I’ve shot him for our studio in THAT orgy scene in OriFFICE Junior and I’ve seen him around on the porn circuit for the last few years but we hadn’t had a chance to get it on… in a professional sense of course 😉  Last-Orders03He’s right up my street, sexy, muscular, dirty, enthusiastic, big cocked and properly versatile. I love a good flip fuck!  Last-Orders06 I wasn’t supposed to be featured in this movie at all but due to some wild and crazy complications on the set of the JOCK INN, I had to step up to the plate… and gladly so!

Last-Orders08 I hope you enjoy the shots from the scene, it was a hell of a ride to shoot and well worth checking out on UKHotJocks.com For the scene it’s self go through this link -> Jock Inn | Last Orders

Last-Orders12 Last-Orders15     Last-Orders19 Last-Orders18 Last-Orders23 Last-Orders27 Last-Orders28 Hope you like the pics, the scene and the movie JOCK INN!




JP xx