Sorry guys and gals, I’ve been ever so busy running UKHotJocks all by myself, with occasional help from Sam and thankfully now the good people at ManiaMedia doing the affiliate management… that I totally forgot I have a personal website and haven’t done a blog post in 6 months!!
I am so bad.

I promise to be better, well as good as it is possible for me to be. Meanwhile have a peak at my handpicked favourite Vine posts I’ve done. I’t my latest obsession (next to making amazing porn, natch!) and I’ve been quite prolific, notching up almost 7000 followers in just a few months!

If you don’t know what Vine is, it’s a fairly new, immediate edit, short video making app and the good thing is you CAN post adult content, hurrah! Naturally I have been abusing this to no end and will continue to do so until time stops or my cock falls off.



JP xxx