Hi guys!

I’ve been nominated for a Hotrod award again this year for my spectacular bottoming skills… or my spectacular bottom? Either way I’m thrilled and elated! I’d love to win and this time you can help again. They’ve gone for a very modern and very repeatable (if you REALLY want to vote a few times 😉 you can) ‘text-in’ system.


For all my buddies and fans in the UK this is dead easy BUT for international voters all you have to do is text the 8721 number to

+44 778620986 changing the 0 for a UK code +44

Fortunately texts cost absolutely NOTHING but your standard rate. So if you’re on contract with unlimited texts you may go absolutely nuts if you so wish! To make it fair I’ve only voted for myself once, I want to win on my own merit and by the power and might of my fans alone :)


Please vote, It will mean the world to me.




JP xx