Well I’ve circum-navigated our sun once again, another notch in my life, one more digit in my age accrued.

Yes It’s my Birthday and I plan to spend it at one end of an intravenous┬ádrip of vodka martini (dry with a twist of lemon, if you must know) I also plan to spend it in the city I call ┬áhome in Manchester, among friends.

The last time I did one of these posts I included lots of pictures of my year, and this will be the same :) It’s been a great year, I’ve had an exclusive contract under my belt, discovered classical music, started a love affair with Instagram, met some wonderful people and added about 2.5″ to my chest measurement, boom!

Some candid shots of the last year, great friends, the best boyfriend and some of my personal highlights :)




JP xx