Hi guys,

Just wanted to clear up some things, now that rumours have started! Yes I have left my exclusive contract with Eurocreme. The company and I are both on great terms still, there is NO bad blood between us what-so-ever! The main reason being that I felt I needed a change as my needs as a performer are different now. It’s been a great year, mostly working closely with Director Blacky Mendez on The DreamBoy Hotel series. He is a great director, with strong and solid vision, which is all I think you need to go far in this business. I will miss seeing him, Trojan Rock, Jack Jones, Ashley Ryder, Andy O’Neil, Steven and Lee on a regular basis, they’ve all been very good to me :) Sorry if I missed anyone out, it wasn’t intentional.

The guys at Eurocreme have given me a great opportunity to head up their brand but the time has come to move on. I’ll still be working for them, just not as regularly as you’re used to seeing me on the site.

Thanks to everyone in the office and the studio. Don’t worry fans, there are still lots more scenes to be released on Eurocreme.com featuring myself. Keep your eyes peeled here on my blog, Twitter and Facebook for more news and work for other studios to come!




JP xx