When I was first shown shots of the sexy, young Lucas Davidson I thought, Hell yes!

He’s tall, toned with adorable features. I was really looking forward to working with him.

He’s actually one of the sweetest guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I predict a bright future for him in the UK porn circut. He’s got the right attitude, enthusiastic and is good at what he does. You don’t really need anything else? Oh, except being ridiculously hot and having loads of charisma, which he’s totally unfairly blessed with! 😉

He was tones of fun to work with, keep an eye on this one!

Cue scene description! 

“Entering his office after a hectic week of everything going wrong in the Hotel, JP is greeted by his masseur ready to help him unwind. Stripping off naked for a full body rub-down, Lucas is a bit taken aback by the candidness of the manager but goes along with it. As JP fully relaxes, he gets harder and harder, and Lucas takes full advantage, rubbing his thighs and going further until he’s actually sucking on the boss’ dick! Lucas is definitely a buff young twink, hot pecs and six-pack showing, not to mention his thick dick which JP gags on repeatedly, letting himself fully enjoy the spoils of being in charge! Both guys take it in turns to get fucked and to get their own end away, First JP gets it hard, then Lucas is really rammed by JP’s delicious dick, ending up with not only a facial, but a second cumload all over that smooth, perfectly formed chest! JP praises his relaxation method, but is he actually the masseur JP thinks he is??”

Hope you like the shots, check out eurocreme.com for the full scene :)




JP xx