When I was first shown a picture of Billy I thought, cute, hot and sexy. A very rare combination.. I also thought, when is my turn 😉

Billy Rubens is Eurocremes latest and only other exclusive model (the other one is me, if you didn’t know) and I can see why they chose him! Billy is also a straight, ‘Gay for Pay’ porn actor. He says he has the ability to ‘shut his mind off’ from the task at hand and just get on with it. He does a good job too! 

Cheeky, enthusiasm by the bag load and tones of fun to work with on set, I see a bright future for this young guy. We really enjoyed working on this scene together. 

Candid snap of Billy and I

Hope you like the shots!!

Cue description!

Caught out having a quick piss, Hotel manager JP has a very pissed off young man waiting for him at reception! Cue new exclusive Billy Rubens at the desk with a very very untidy room. Having just checked in, no-one wants a shit-tip to greet them, so Billy is straight to the point when JP comes to check what’s going on. Wanting more compensation than a new room, JP is held in place by his crotch, with horny Billy getting a real glint in his eye as JP suddenly realizes what’s going on. As JP sucks on his new tattooed guest, Billy asks for more than that, he wants a hard fuck, and JP is bent double in seconds, leg in the air ready to take what Billy’s got on offer! Squatting over his solid shaft, JP’s hole is pounded to within an inch of its life in more positions than you can count, leaving him covered in gallons of spunk, and a face full of cum which we watch drip straight into his open mouth, sucking it dry! As they lay back to take in the sordid sex that just happened, Billy has a confession to make…

For the full scene got to eurocreme.com, it’s out TODAY (7/8/12)


Hope you enjoy!




JP xx