As you may or may not know I’m a big fan of art, in many forms. I was lucky to be the subject of artist Conor Collins and his latest works, a tryptic in all. 

They are a modern interpretation on original greek form, notably The Discus Thrower, The Decent of Perseus (Perseus With The Head of Medusa) and The Thinking Man. All originally modern, layered ink and acrylic on canvas & tissue. Re-using very old Ideas and recognisable forms and turing them into something new and relatable, not to mention stunningly coloured. An unusual cross of impressionism and pop art, there are certainly unique.

These pieces are up for sale and they’d much rather be sold to a private buyer as the many hours of work that went into each piece truly deserve their reward. To exhibit these in a gallery for eventual sale is massively costly and the artist only receives a fraction of the value. 

Conor has also promised me a cut of the eventual sale of these vivid works, in exchange for help, modelling and the promotion involved, of which I’m very grateful.




Each of the Greek Forms is priced at £850 each and would much rather be sold as a tryptic. Separating the pieces would be such a shame as they work so well together. Ideal for a fan of myself or just a lover of great new art.

Collins was classed by Cloud Gallery as ‘One to watch’ and was short listed for the 2011 Saatchi Showdown Drawing Prize. His work is highly desired, already a commercial artist at a young age. 

Conor also has a few other of his other original works up for sale.

Acceptance … Ink and Acrylic Paint upon tissue paper primed Canvas … 39.4 x 27.6 x 1.4 inches … 100cm




JC, THE FIRST BOY I FELL IN LOVE WITH -Acyrilic-paint-and-Ink-upon-collage-and-tissue-paper-primed-Canvas-…-19.7-x-23.6-x-0.6-inches


For more information on Conor Collins art please follow his Twitter and Tumblr

Thanks for taking the time to admire these wonderful pieces, please contact either Conor or myself for purchase enquireys.

nb. I just wanted to say that when you buy independent art, you are buying so much more. You’re buying weeks of trial and error, hours of experimentation, frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not just buying an object, you are buying a piece of someones soul, their heart and essence of expression. You are buying the artist time, to do what they truly love, bringing life into the living. It’s an investment for your happiness and making the world more attractive, expressive, wonderful and soulful… Deep stuff, but a real truth. 


JP xx