Let’s start this off by saying what a fucking weekend!

Sam and I started off by attending a very fancy dinner in honour of our friend Sal for his birthday at The Oxford & Cambridge club. Very formal, wholly over the top but lots of fun! We had a few distinguished guests in the form of Brent Everett and Steve Pena at our table. Others you may know are Dan Daley and Ashton Bradley.

Ashton, myself, Sam and Dan

Climbing onto the billiard table, as one does.

After 3 courses, too much wine and a game of billiards we set off for Jay Roberts PLAYTIME at Lo-Profile. There we got the chance to meet up with some old and new friends, dance a little dirty and get papped. Standard. I was hammered so didn’t take many pics but here are some of the best/worst. Brent wasn’t feeling so great so he didn’t join us.

Steve, Sam, Dan and I

Marco Sessions and I.. trying to equal his sexiness 😉

 My favourite Sams. Sam Barclay and Samuel Colt

More of this…

..and some more of that 😉

So I sleep it off and get up ready for the Hustlaball the next day and doing our live sex show for Eurocreme. Excited, horny and a little hungover. The night was so crazy that I couldn’t really take many pics but I’ve got a few and I’ve nabbed lots of the recent press shots that have come out. Enjoy!

En route to Electric.. slut on the tube!

Samand I stood up at the back 2nd and 3rd from the left at the opening ceremony

Sam, Dan and I, relaxing between shows.

Sam and my arse, during the Eurocreme show. Ashley Ryder filming on the floor!

The begining of the Eurocreme show. Sam and I on the left

 Billy Rubens, Sam and I, gettin’ hardcore!

Sam fingering me like a demon… whilst I lick his arse in reverse. Can’t say that isn’t a talent!

 The Alphamale show with Marco Sessions, Adam Killian and Spencer Reed. It was fucking HOT.

Clipping from BOYZ magazine. Sam is my ‘hot friend’, haha!

So the Hustlaball is a great success, better than last year and I’m all partied out. Though I’ve a scene the next day with Dominic Pacifico at 1, so at 5am I get myself back to the hotel for some sleep!!

Shoot goes AMAZINGLY well, he’s one HOT fucker but that dear readers, is another blog post 😉

The HOTRODS awards and event is that night in Union, Vauxhall. There is to be 2 sex shows and the awards ceremony in between. The 1st show featuring gorgeous Morgan Black and Domonic Sol goes well then it’s time for the awards.

I WON! 😀

 I love this shot, shows my whole reaction to it very well! ‘Urr, I what? I won?’ Ha! Very amusing!

Sam, Dan and I, I promise we did hang out with other people!


Fuzzy press clipping of Trojan and I, accepting my award.

Sam will be doing a post about his show with Spencer Reed on his blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, here’s just a peek at it 😉

Again I tried not to stay out too late as I was shooting the next day with Spencer and wanted to be fresh. Always the professional!

It was a great weekend, met tones of great guys and looking forward to next year already. There’s always Berlin.. NYC? 😉




JP xx