Who doesn’t enjoy a horny wank, out in the open where you might get caught!


It’s the middle of the night and although he’s still on duty, checking in all these hot boys to the hotel has made his balls heavy and dick twitch!  Making sure no-one is around to catch him out, JP flicks on some hardcore porn instead of his sales projections and his already semi hard bulge is now rock solid and bursting from his suit trousers.  Undoing his shirt and tie, he leans back on his chair for a great slow cock worship and jerk. Rubbing his smooth hotly defined body and teasing his nipples now and again, the ever-hard JP waves his dick salaciously in front of the camera, pulling his trousers down from his smooth, spunk filled balls as he indulges in his covert midnight wank until his spunk erupts from his thick throbbing shaft, over his fingers but hey, there’s no towel to clean himself, so the cum hungry JP just licks it all off his fingers before zipping up and heading to the bathroom, still full of spunk…


I really like these shots from my newly released solo video, hope you do too.


Hope you like the shots!

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JP xx