Paddy O’Brian Fucks JP Dubois‘, That’s what they called it! I prefer my title, hehe.

The scene that everyone is talking about. Check out some of these never before seen shots of my Scene with the incomparable Paddy O’Brian.

Seriously though, what a fun shoot! I’ve actually worked with Paddy on the set of ‘Addicted to Cock‘, Another Mike Esser epic for Eurocreme/Hotspunks. Although we didn’t physically work together, we were in the same scene… when he was a bit straighter, haha!



I have to admit I had reservations about working with him. I always picture the scene; ‘Straight boy fucks gay boy. Straight boy gets paid more and does less work. Gay boy is restricted about what he can do, does all the work and gets paid less’. This was absolutely NOT the case here. He was a total professional, made it easy for me and dare I say, I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did ๐Ÿ˜€ AND I’m the rather proud owner of Paddy’s FIRST gay kiss virginity… Oh yes, you read that right.

I’ve got to say, Paddy is one charming guy. You’d have to be completely a-sexual not to be attracted to this cheeky, chiselled and incredibly charismatic stud. Dreamy eyes, cocky attitude and ripped to fuck, he’s a hottie of epic proportions. Lets just be thankful that he’s chosen to do gay porn, line up lads!

So the scene starts with a little interview, some cheeky questions and he gets me to strip for him. I know where this is going so I don’t hesitate. He takes a good look at me, has a good feel of my muscles, nipples and throbbing dick. Then we get down to the good stuff…

I suck and lick that fat knob till it’s primed to fuck. Though not before I taste his hairy hole, his suggestion, not mine. Love rimming a proper mans arse… getting hard just typing about it here!

Then he fucks me silly. Good, hard, frenzied and fucking hot!! You’ll have to watch the scene for the rest of the story. I got my favourite messy ending… sweet sweet cum. YUM!

Hope you like the shots and much as I enjoyed making this movie.

Paddy O’Brian Fucks JP Dubois




JP xx