I absolutely love these shots by a good and very talented friend of mine and Mister International Rubber 2012, Sly Hands.

The shoot started out as a commercial work for a new line of rubber bed clothes… which I can assure you IS as horny as it sounds! As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of all things latex, neoprene and leather but my big passion is rubber.

So we are to shoot some fairly standard commercial shots for these rubber sheets, duvet and pillows. I start off in one of favourite pair of rubber shorts and climb into bed. I can tell you the smell was fucking intoxicating! Being totally sandwiched between the sexy stretchy substance was… well it was pretty nice! Don’t know if I could actually sleep in them but perfect for all other bedroom related business!

We do the shots the company requires and try and do some other, more artistic captures. Sly is a great photographer and I’ve been a fan of his work since I discovered it on moving to manchester, 3 years ago. He has a great understanding of light and form, so I was really looking forward to getting in front of his lens.

As well as being a talented individual, Sly is a big name on the rubber scene in Manchester and the world over. Participating and organising all the conventions and events. Being a ‘sash queen’ or title holder as he prefers (;D) there are a lot of related duties which I imagine must be hard work but fun at the same time. Especially as he is so passionate about that wonderful rubbery stuff!

Sly very kindly lets me try on some of his gear, making me want to expand my own, ever growing collection and the results are so.

Pretty good, eh?

If you want any info on Sly Hands and his work have a peek here or follow his Twitter Lots of interesting, informative and sexy posts!

Hope you like the shots!


JP xx