I’d been speaking with Cazzo for some time, trying to arrange some time to come to Berlin and shoot. I’ve always been a fan of the raw energy, great sets and horny/filthy German guys!

Here are some pics from the unreleased scenes. I also got the chance to work with Spencer Reed, someone I’ve been chatting to for a number of years on Twitter. He’d been planing a European trip  too and lucky me, we would be in Berlin at the same time.

One of my shoot’s was an office scenario, with a cute Spanish boy. I was topping, though I’ve no pictures of that just yet.

My other scene was in a bike repair shop which i found instantly horny! The smell of grease, oil and petrol really got me going. They also had a little something planned for me, we were going to fuck, using oil for lube… FIT and filthy! (*Buzz kill* not really, as that violates so many health and safety regulations it would make your eyes pop out! We used a special kind of mixed black lube… though still fuckin’ horny!)

It also gave me the chance to hang out with Spencer. We trained at this tiny berlin gym in Schoeneberg, it was like someones apartment! Though they were very welcoming and recognised we were porn stars, fun fun! Spencer trained me pretty hard, I was aching for days!

I have to concede that I DO look a little like a crazed super fan in this pic.. I swear it’s just the vodka.

It also gave me a chance to catch up with some of my old skool Scottish mates who have moved out there. Listen to crazy techno (Berlin is all about the techno!) Chill out, drink plenty and party a little. We went to a club called Suicide Circus  which had a really cool rotation of underground DJ’s.

This is not the only picture of my ‘techno pout’. With one of my bestie’s Chris. Pure mint man.

Abschied und LiebeLiebe!

JP xxx