Theres nothing quite like the hot Ibiza sun, sexy tanned porn stars for company and the promise of outdoor sex to get you in the mood! Which is why I think this is one of my hottest scenes to date. Also, getting to work with my gorgeous, real life boyfriend Sam Barclay is a big bonus! Getting paid to have sex with my amazing man?? Er, YES PLEASE!

The story was a cute, if slightly corny one, thought I think it’s cheesiness is very endearing and fun!

I was to sneak out from my ‘dads’ house to meet up with a friend who is, and I quote, ‘Nothing but trouble’. Don’t I know it!

So I sneak out, jump in the car and Sam & I take off into the woods. Then we get down to the good stuff…

I take on Sam’s juicy arse first, pounding him into oblivion! Then Sam takes his turn on me, flipping me on to the car and really opening me up! Getting rough, plenty spit and cum.. my favourite cocktail 😉

Needless to say we REALLY enjoyed making this! Hope you enjoy some of the pics here and the movie itself.

Thanks to Lucas Entertainment and to Mr Pam for a great movie and some beautiful shots. Hope to do be doing lots more work for them in the future, enjoy!

For the full movie, and trailer click through here, Stages Of Sex


JP xx