There has been a lot of speculation and rumour as to what happened between Blake Mason and myself. I’ll aim to set the record straight with the truth in whole. I’d tried to forget the issue but I’ve recently discovered that the site owners have been bad mouthing me on their members forums. It’s an ugly (and sorry if a bit long) story but here goes! I just want people to see my side of things, it’s quite a compelling read!

As you may know I’ve done a lot of work for this site, which is why I was considering not working for them anymore, before this incident. I thought it was maybe time to leave behind this kind of amateur work and move on to bigger and better things. Though they had been very much a bread and butter site for me, always giving me plenty of work. I was getting increasingly bored with the scenes as the set up never changes and the quality of the models has been gradually decreasing. It was definitely time for a change, though it happened in a most undignified way.

It was a regular set up, I was to travel to Plymouth to shoot  in the afternoon. It’s a 5.5hr journey so I have to get up at 6am and catch the 7am train. Id be working with yet another new guy, an obssesion of theirs! So I get there and we begin the shoot. The other model (who will remain un-named) has a few issues with hard on’s, not great because he was topping but we persevere! We do a set 3 position after foreplay and I shoot my load on cue, standard. The other model, not to his detriment cannot cum and i mean he really can’t! After a 2hr blowjob, still no joy! Other studios have come up with creative solutions for this. There is always something you can do but those are trade secrets and this story is long enough as it is! I won’t go into detail.

Needless to say, I had to finish and get home, I have an underwear shoot the following day, so when they ask me can I stay over to do his cumshot in the morning, I cannot. My last train is around 6pm, getting me home for 1am! So I try everything to get this boy to cum right up untill the last second before we have to give up, I jump in the car and they race me to the station. On the journey there, we sort out the pay… and here’s the issue! Because they can’t use this scene, both models do not get paid. Only a measly £100 for my trouble. But this is in the car, my train is about to leave and I have no time to dispute it, I told them to expect a call from me once I collect my thoughts and come to terms with what has just happened. So when I get home to Manchester, after my 18hr day I’m exhausted, un-showered and very depressed.

I’ve done 13 scenes for these people and literally travelled the country time and again for them. I’ve come at short notice and have always produced exemplary work for them, performing to the best of my abilities. I thought this was incredibly bad form on their part. They should have at least paid me out of good will. I tried to resolve it amicably with them, to which there was no interest. Bridge officially burnt!

So yes, I said bad things about them on Twitter, wouldn’t you? I was pissed off and poorly treated. Subsequently, I’ve been informed by a fan that I was being talked about in their members forums, by them and consumers alike in a post called ‘Will JP be returning to Blake Mason soon?’. I’ve been called mischievous (yes ok!), attention seeking and a liar. apparently there were a lot more of these posts by Adam Mason, though they have been deleted, probably for the best Adam.



Sorry it’s a little long-winded but it’s the whole truth and the porn consuming public deserve to know how some models are treated. NEEDLESS to say I’d never work for them ever again. They are a disgrace to the industry. Here endeth the story, thanks for hearing my side of it.


JP xx