Would you believe it!

I’ve been Nominated in this years CyberSocket Web Awards for Best Newcomer, which is the one I especially wanted at this years Hustlaball awards, HUZZA! I feel like I’ve been given a second chance… on a bigger scale!

Can’t get over all these nominations, I must be doing something right!

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Compared to the Hustlaball awards, these are a lot bigger and the process is far simpler. You don’t have to vote in each category and once you’ve voted, submit it. You do have to put in an email address to confirm you’re vote at the end, so please make sure you do this or it wont count at all. It’s just to stop people doing it multiple times (though if you have multiple email address’s… go nuts!) The category is near the bottom of the form.

I’m up against some VERY stiff competition, including a few personal favourites of mine! If I can win this award it will mean amazing things for me, professionally. These awards are quite highly regarded in the US.

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Needless to say I really, really, really want this!

I was on the cover of last Augusts CyberSocket Magazine, so I’m hoping somehow that’ll help me!

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I’m calling on everyone who knows me, has seen me in action or even who just likes the look of me to click the link and vote! Every vote counts and I’m counting on you guys to help me! Thanks for reading… wish me luck!! 😀


JP xxxxx