I was absolutely gob-smacked to learn that I’ve been nominated for FOUR Hustlaball awards, I must be doing something right this year!

The categories I’ve been nominated in are:

*Best Actor

*Best Newcomer

*Best Top

and believe it or not…

*Best Bottom

I’ve said it a million times and it just goes to prove that I truly am versatile!

Also many of the movies I’ve been have been nominated also, including: Addicted to Cock + Smart Young fuckers (Eurocreme), Dads Fuck Lads 4 + SportsLadsFuck(FreshSX) There are nominations for best cover for Smart Young Fuckers and SportsLadsFuck, of which I’m ON the cover of both! Do they count as personal nominations? I like to think so 😉

I never ask anything from my fans and would LOVE it if you would vote for me. I can honestly say I’ve never won anything before and to win even one of these would blow my mind! Not to mention help my career out enormously. So please, please, please, click on this link and go through the voting process. It only takes 5 minutes, you have to register and receive an email to follow through to the voting so please make sure you do this first. It’s just so you can’t do it repeatedly!

I’ve always made lots of time to talk to my fans so I must have incurred some kind of karmic debt… surely 😉

Lovelove JP xxxxxx