It’s been a long time coming but I finally decided I should start a personal blog. It’s so hard to talk at length/rant on twitter, so much so that I’ve actually started to think in 140 characters. Sometimes I’ll have a good thought but it’s too long to tweet, so forget it! However, I’ll try not to bore the world with unnecessary threnodies and keep it fairly short.

How about an introduction? Well I’ve been in porn for over 2 years now working for a variety of British studios, ever changing and adapting. I used to be the skinniest little twink you ever laid eyes on! I’ve done a variety of work for Eurocreme, FreshSX, UKNakedMen, English Lads and Blake Mason.

I’m happily partnered with fellow porn hottie Sam Barclay. We get up to all sorts of mischief together!

Follow us through the days, life and get an inner perspective into how the mind of a 20 something UK porn star works. It’s usually filth.


JP xx